Well done Junior Certers

A big congratulations to all the Junior Certs on their brilliant results yesterday. The percentage taking higher level maths at Junior cert has risen from 48% to 52%, which is to be welcomed. I still believe that this will increase due to students getting more familiar with Project maths and the incentive of the bonus points. My advice to you going into 5th year would be to have a try at the honours course especially if you got a C or above in your exams. The leaving cert maths course is much more student friendly. If you achieve a D3 or above you will receive 25 extra points so you have a serious think about it as you consider your options. Most teachers will be very flexible and give students a go at the honours if they are in any way willing with a decent result. Well done again and check back later for more Project Maths updates for both Junior and Leaving certificate.