Ace Career Coaching (Schools) 2024 Offer A Range of Career Guidance and Career Coaching Programmes, Designed For Mainly Senior Cycle Students.

Easing The Journey Through Secondary School 2024:

  • Choosing Subjects, Settling In, Transitioning To Secondary, Homework/Study/Leisure balance, Creating Presentations
  • Career / Further Education Matching, Creating A CV, Doing Mock Interviews, Guidance Around Subject Choice & Third-Level Implications
  • Overview of CAO & Third-Level Courses, Overview Of Branching From PLC (QQI) To Diploma / Degree, Apprenticeships, Entry Routes To 3rd Level
  • Studying & Revising, Exam Success, Preparing For Difficult Subjects, Junior/Leaving Cert Hacks, Stress-Busting Techniques
  • Parents Tips For Secondary School Routines, Better Diet, Internet Safety, Social Media & Basic Computer Crash Course, Parenting During Exams
Joe McCormack - Maths Tutor

Joe McCormack, Founder of ACE Career Coaching (Schools), Designed For Students From 1st To 6th Year.