iPad Apps to Enhance Kids Mathematical Thinking

Here are some apps for Younger kids to get them thinking Mathematically.

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New Course Available – Certificate in Mathematical Applications

Certificate in Mathematical Applications – New

Portlaoise CollegeCertificate in Mathematical Applications – The certificate in Mathematical Applications is an ideal course for students who wish to study a STEM(Science Technology Engineering Maths) subject at third level.#

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Overview of What Project Maths is? (2013)

Click on this Link to get an Overview of the thinking about Project Maths and why it was Introduced!!

About Project Maths 2013

12 Apps for Students (Project Maths Included)

Checkout these 12 Apps that may help you as a Secondary School student. Project Maths has been included in the List.


Geometry Proofs – 6th Year Higher

Synthetic Geometry Proofs:

The following, from Projectmaths.ie are excellent explanations of the Synthetic Geometry Proofs:

Theorem 11: If three parallel lines cut off equal segments on some transversal line, then they will cut off equal segments on any other transversal.


Theorem 12: Let ABC be a triangle. If a line l is parallel to BC and cuts [AB] in the ratio s : t, then it also cuts [AC] in the same ratio.


Theorem 13: If two triangles ABC and  are similar, then their sides are proportional, in order: