Comprehensive Financial Maths Presentation LCO/LCH

This is a comprehensive presentation on LC Financial Maths. Definitely worth a look!!

Excellent Financial Maths Presentation LCO_LCH

Logs and Indices LCH

Checkout this presentation to get more Information on Logs and Indices and how they are linked

Logs and Indices LCH

e graphs and questions LCH

Here are some e graphs and questions related to them!!

e graphs and Questions LCH

e and compound Interest LCH

This presentation shows how the Exponential function takes shape and its link to Compound Interest

e and compound Interest LCH

Comparing, Shifting and Scaling Graphs – LCO/LCH

This presentation shows how we can compare graphs and shift them in certain ways to show how functions are linked.

Comparing, Shifting and Scaling Graphs LCO_LCH

Applications of Maths

This document will give some uses of Maths in everyday life!!!


Leaving Certificate Exam Timetable 2014

Exam Timetable for June 2014

Timetable 2014

Overview and Tips on how to approach Maths exam

Have a look at this document to see an overview of the papers and some tips on approaching them!!!

The Project Maths Exam

Statistics Overview Diagram LCH/LCO/JCH

Print this Statistics diagram and learn what each word means and how they are linked….

Stats Diagram