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ACE Solution Books are Presented by:
Joe McCormack (Career Coach, B.A, H.Dip.Ed., H.Dip.IT.)

Joe McCormack, an Irish educational expert, has taught Mathematics, Geography, ICT, ECDL, Web Design, Technical Graphics, C.S.P.E, Woodwork, and Science in various Secondary schools for the last seventeen years. Joe has corrected Maths Exam papers for the Department of Education and Skills and has tutored both Maths and Geography in Ireland’s top school for tuition, the Dublin Academy of Education.

Joe has founded ‘ACE Tuition‘, where both he and his fellow tutors provide expert support and guidance in small class environments for Maths, English and Irish. These classes facilitate regular intake throughout the academic year in both Navan and Ratoath. Joe writes and retails ‘ACE Maths Solution Books‘ and delivers seminars on a variety of topics in Secondary schools and Universities. His expertise very much lies in ‘excelling in exams’, ‘efficient revision’ and ‘advising Mathematical students’. These form the themes for his 2017 publication ‘How to ACE the Leaving Certificate’ (for all subjects). He has had upwards of fifty articles published in both printed and online press. Over one hundred and fifty Teachers, Parents and Students have written recommendations on his tuition and Maths books.

Joe has graduated with a Certificate in Career Coaching and a Diploma in Personal, Business and Executive Coaching with the Irish Lifecoach Institute (ILI). These qualifications are accredited by the International Coaching Federation (ICF).  This has seen the emergence of the third strand of Joe’s business, ‘ACE Career Coaching‘, where coaching and advice sessions can be booked by all Secondary School Students and their Parents. Joe is accredited as a ‘Thought leader in Education and Career Development’ by the All-Ireland Business Foundation (AIBF) and received his award at a ceremony in Croke Park on September 12th 2019. Joe’s business was one of only three companies nominated for the ‘Local Enterprise Award’ at the Meath Business and Tourism Awards 2019.

Through his experience and research, Joe has gained a unique understanding of the struggles and obstacles students’ face when it comes to the Junior and Leaving Certificate, having retailed over four thousand ACE Maths Solution Books. With more than five thousand followers on Facebook, Joe answers queries and posts informative material to provide ongoing support to students and their parents. ACE Solution Books are an unrivalled suite of books that will ensure Secondary school students achieve their maximum potential in their final exams.

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