Advice from Examiner – PM 2014

Checkout this Information from a Seminar from a Maths Exam Examiner 2013/2014

Seminar advice from a Chief Examiner for Project Maths


  • Units Matter – If they are present in your question, they are required in your answer
  • Do not put anything into the calculator that you have not already written on your paper.
  • You could get almost full marks (High Partial Credit) for just one slip/mistake in your question. This could even be 7/10 – See marking scheme for Q5 JCH 2011.
  • You need to be able to deal with real life statistics
  • Past exam statistics questions are great practice for future exams
  • Algebra (Strand 4) is currently the worst answered section
  • Measuring and estimating the heights of objects outside is now a more important part of Geometry and Trigonometry
  • Trigonometry is the second worst answered question
  • The hand symbol is now gone. You now must show your work for all questions
  • You need to practice the steps to solving the unseen problem
  • The Slope of a line is important especially its context in the question. e.g positive correlation–as one increases so does the other
  • Attempt everything on the paper – you could receive some marks (low partial credit (LPC)) for very little work. If you make two or three attempts, they will all be corrected. Your best step in the right direction could get LPC.
  • Marks will be allocated for all work on a diagram printed on your paper.
  • Never rub/tippex out any work even if you think it isn’t neat (Girls – take note). Draw a line through it and it will be corrected.