Stick at the Honours Maths if you can

Stick at the Honours Maths if you can!

Project Maths and its implementation is remaining a hot topic in the media and with parents. Unfortunately the way it was rolled out was untimely with students heading into 5th year with only the experience of the old way of doing Maths. It has been broadly agreed that this was an error and unfair to those students. However, the statistics are encouraging for those who wish to have a go at this level of Maths. Up to this juncture, I would have been of the opinion that students would have needed to get a grade B or above in the Junior Certificate higher level paper to take it on at Leaving Certificate. Two things have prompted me to change my view. Firstly, the twenty five extra bonus points for getting a D3 or above and secondly the amount of students that have passed the higher level over the last two years. The statistics are now stacked in favour of the student and so a C student at Junior Certificate higher level should be encouraged to go on the try its Leaving Certificate counterpart. On average 98% of students who attempted the higher level over the last two years passed it and so anyone who has desire and is willing to work hard should by all means hang in there. Naturally other subject teachers would argue that the system is now unfairly balanced in favour of Maths. However, I would point to the amount of time the subject takes up on a weekly basis and also its important link with Science and Technology. A highly educated Maths cohort leaving school in the next few years should signal a return to innovation and growth for our struggling economy. 

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