Practical Parenting for the Junior Cert and Leaving Cert

Practical Parenting Advice-LC/JC General



The following is some General advice for you as a Parent of a Leaving/Junior Certificate student:


  • Pushing your anxiety onto them is not helpful for your child
    • It affects their confidence
    • Most put themselves under so much pressure anyway, they don’t need any extra pressure
  • They need support, space, reassurance and recognition that they are working hard
  • They also need extra encouragement (fuel for motivation)
  • When they get home from school, give them a transition period adjusting to being at home again before asking questions about their day etc


Your child may have:


  • A fear of failure
  • Not enough time for the volume of work that is being laid on for them
    • A Study plan will help them break it into manageable chunks
    • Little rewards for themselves will always help
    • They should alternate 40 minutes study with 10 minutes break
  • A fear of not being accepted if they don’t perform well
  • A fear of doing badly (You hear them say sometimes “I’m gonna fail”)

…….and they may be ultimately afraid that they won’t be loved as a result


You need to communicate in such a way saying “it’s not all about school”


  • The car can be a great time to communicate with your child – side on communication is excellent to get  through to teenagers


During the LC, they need active relaxation, they also need:


  • Rest
  • Timeouts
  • Sport/Exercise – Recommended is 20/30 minutes per day – Helps keep serotonin levels balanced
    • Could you buy them two months gym membership during their exam year
    • Checkout Steve covey – The 7 habits (time management)
  • Study plan
  • Eat well
  • Someone to listen


Deep abdominal breathing is a great technique for helping you and your child deal with the Exams and the Junior/Leaving cert in general. It also works for stressful situations.


Little gestures like the following are great for your child:


  • Cleaning their room
  • Favourite dinners
  • Treats
  • Buy their favourite magazine
  • Bring them on an surprise evening out


Good Luck Parents!!!!