A little Project Maths Information for Parents

A little Information for Parents who have a child for doing a Maths Exam


In case of a Maths Emergency, it’s a good idea to have the following at home for your child:


  • Copies
  • Red and Blue Pens
  • Make and Model of the calculator your child always uses
  • Log Tables
  • Mathematical Set


The Gender Divide


In general, most students experience a slight dip in maths results during second year due to the increase workload and other external factors. The girls dip is not as pronounced as the boys. There is also a dip in fifth year but it is not as extreme as the second year one. In relation to project maths, girls don’t tend to be as good at taking a chance when answering questions. With the new phrasing of project maths papers, you need to be willing to take risks which suits boys better since they are less conscious of what they are writing on the paper and not as afraid of being wrong. In my opinion, girls need to learn to express their opinion in a free and open manner in order to improve their grades. It will be important for the girls not to get overly upset if they cannot get a certain part of a question out perfectly.  It is important just to keep going with the paper in this case


Facts about the New Points System


D1 – LCH English – 55 Points

D1 – LCH Maths – 80 Points


A1 – LCH Accounting – 100 Points

B3 – LCH Maths – 100 Points


Students who pass (Get a D3 or above) Honours Leaving Certificate Maths will receive an extra 25 bonus points.


Other Information of Note


The average teacher is struggling to get the course finished as the general consensus out there, as the curriculum exists, is that there is too much material on the Leaving Cert course.


It is more difficult to get a grade A now due to the fact there is no choice on the paper. It is important to remember that the marking scheme is stacked in the favour of all students except those who are chasing an A. The last two years have shown statistics of 97% and 98% of people passing the exam.


There is approximately 5,000 students extra doing honours Maths now every year since the advent of Project Maths.

A little Project Maths Information for Parents

A little Project Maths Information for Parents
A little Project Maths Information for Parents
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