Information on the Assessment of Project Maths

Assessment with ‘Project Maths’

Project Maths is quite different to the old syllabus, but for some people that can be an advantage. The old syllabus focused more on ensuring that you get the right answer, and they preferred to write the equation or question in full mathematical terms on the papers.

With Project Maths, the focus is shifted towards trying to make you understand concepts and ideas rather than worrying about the correct answer in every question. The questions have much more reading components, almost like small comprehensions which require you to find the relevant numbers and figures to solve the problem. The marking schemes have changed also (they aren’t very reliable right now, because they change them so frequently). You can get a lot of the marks for a question by showing every step of your work, writing down relevant formulae etc. In most questions, only 3-4 marks are going for the actual answer because they are trying to emphasise the importance of understanding the method of your work rather than racing to find the answer.

To put it simply, the equations and problems are basically similar to the old course, but they are presented to you in a much more complicated, English-based manner.