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Call back and look at this blog regularly as my articles here will keep you up to date with all you need to know for Project Maths exams 2014. I will post articles, tips, advice, checklists, syllabuses among other things as the year progresses!!

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Well done Junior Certers

A big congratulations to all the Junior Certs on their brilliant results yesterday. The percentage taking higher level maths at Junior cert has risen from 48% to 52%, which is to be welcomed. I still believe that this will increase due to students getting more familiar with Project maths and the incentive of the bonus points. My advice to you going into 5th year would be to have a try at the honours course especially if you got a C or above in your exams. The leaving cert maths course is much more student friendly. If you achieve a D3 or above you will receive 25 extra points so you have a serious think about it as you consider your options. Most teachers will be very flexible and give students a go at the honours if they are in any way willing with a decent result. Well done again and check back later for more Project Maths updates for both Junior and Leaving certificate.

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Well done everybody on your results

Congratulations everybody who did so well in Maths today. Especially well done to my own class. Im very proud of your achievements.




Over 55,000 Leaving Certificate students will receive their exam results today.

The number of candidates sitting the tests this year fell to its lowest level since 2007, at 55,572, but the uptake for Higher Level Maths increased to a record level.

One student received nine A1s, while 161 others got six A1s or more. The student who received nine A1s,Mark Berney, attended Gorey Community School in Co Wexford.

Results are available for collection in schools from 9am, and by phone or on the website from midday.

Over 13,000 sat Higher Level Maths – almost a quarter of all candidates – the highest figure ever.

However, the new ‘Project Maths’ syllabus does not appear to have improved results – with the number of Honours grades down by over 10%.

The Education Minister Ruairi Quinn has welcomed the increase in those sitting the paper.

“They have been rewarded as a result with an extra 25 points if they’ve applied for a college course.

“So that system is working, it’s an improvement on last year, and we’re happy about that.”

The numbers taking Higher Level Irish is also up, following an increase in the marks allocated for the oral component.

The State Examinations Commission is again apologising for an error in the maths paper – which it says was taken into account in the marking process.

The first round of college offers will be available on the CAO website from 6am next Monday morning.

Meanwhile the Gardaí, Alcohol Action Ireland and Drink Aware are appealing to students to celebrate the results sensibly.

The Chief Executive of, Fionnuala Sheehan, advised students not to drink on an empty stomach, to avoid rounds and have a plan to get home safely.

Good Luck with your results tomorrow!!!!

The best of luck to all Maths students getting their Leaving Certificate results tomorrow. I hope Maths goes brilliant for you!!!
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