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Launch of my text book “How to ACE the Leaving Certificate” (ALL Subjects)

Joe’s book ‘How to ACE the Leaving Certificate’ is a valuable resource for any student sitting exams and contains all the key ingredients to help each student perform to their potential. I think this publication will also be very informative for parents who have kids in Secondary School.

Gavin Duffy (‘Dragons Den’ and Gavin Duffy Associates), Joe McCormack (ACE Solution Books)

Alison Cowzer (‘Dragons Den’ and Co-Founder of East Coast Bakehouse), Joe McCormack (ACE Solution Books)


Joe McCormack (ACE Solution Books), Brian Purcell (‘The Apprentice’ and Public Relations Consultant)


Joe McCormack (ACE Solution Books), Damien English (Minister of State – Dept of Housing)


Joe’s book ‘How to ACE the Leaving Certificate’ for ALL subjects is invaluable for anyone facing exams this year or for those students heading towards exams next year or the year after. There is also a lot of useful advice in it for parents of these students. You have to get a copy of this book; it is so practical, so down to earth and so helpful.

Gerry Kelly (PPI Award winning presenter of the Late Lunch Show on LMFM)


I cannot recommend these books enough!!! Joe not only is very insightful into the world of Maths but he is such a kind generous guy. He listens to the students problems and goes out of his way to help them. He is a gent. It is the best money we have spent. My son finds them brilliant and Joe  is  an  absolute gentleman!! My son is ASD had  high  anxiety. I had chat with Joe on the phone. When  we  went  to  collect  the  book he had a great reassuring chat with  my  son.  Joe is truly one in a million!

Bearnairdin Ní Barra (Parent of 5th Year Higher Level Student)


Dear Joe, Thank you for your lovely and informative e-mail and the prompt delivery of your fantastic books! My son Max is a 5th year student in Ratoath College and is determined to keep up his Higher level Maths as he really wants those extra points for college, however he does find it a struggle. He was delighted with your books and e-mails. I too am looking forward to reading my chapters from you ACE text book over the weekend too.
My eldest son is in his second year of his engineering degree and he said that he wishes he had your book when he was doing his Leaving Cert – its exactly whats needed, to learn by example (his words). He said ‘then you start to see patterns developing’. I have already distributed your business cards to my friends and neighbours in the same boat as ourselves and have highly recommended your books to them.
Thank you again, Kind regards,

Joanne McNally (Parent of 5th Year Student)


Joe, thanks for much for producing the JC Higher Level past Maths papers all in one place. I found the solutions really easy to read and understand. There were a couple of parts of the course I needed to brush up on and now I have them all sorted. They are a brilliant study aid.

Leah Barniville (3rd Year Higher Level Student)


Delighted to distribute my ACE Maths Solution Books and new text book ‘How to ACE the Leaving Certificate’ to the Leaving Cert panel members of Simonstown GAA Club, Navan, Co. Meath

Joe, I have just finished reading your book “How to ACE the Leaving Certificate” for ALL subjects. I think it is brilliantly researched and you combine this very well with your wide experience in the fields of teaching and learning. The book presents lots of valuable tips, approaches and advice for students and parents – on an extensive range of scenarios relating to study and exams-which can be at all levels including PLC and third level. Congratulations on your effort and on getting it published! Very readable and practical. Will definitely recommend it. Good luck with your endeavours!

Ms. Catherine Webster (Teacher and Programme developer and facilitator for delivery of DES sponsored programmes of CPD, Adult Education, QQI Accreditation and ESF education initiatives)

I had the pleasure of helping Joe with this recent publication “How to ACE the Leaving Certificate” for ALL subjects and can promise you the hundreds of hours of research, hard work and care Joe has put into it. If you know someone doing their LC – this is the book for them!

Aisling Clery (Secondary School English Teacher)

Aileen and I, with our seventeen-year-old daughter Hana, had a consultation with Joe in our own home recently. It was an extremely valuable exercise and very complimentary to Joe’s book ‘How to Ace the Leaving Certificate’. Not only was Joe able to give us a comprehensive walk through the contents, he helped Hana (and us!) focus on the right elements. For us, they were tips on how to study smarter, breaking your week into blocks, prioritizing subjects (starting with least favourite), keeping study notes for each subject in an easier/faster to digest format and mapping curricula onto A3 maps. There’s an abundance of other great tips in the book, including but not limited to: the importance of routine; managing distractions; nutrition & exercise; positivity; flash cards and exam paper focus. We were especially impressed with the advice and insights Joe was able to give with respect to approaching the CAO and picking the right college courses to target! Joe did a psychometric type survey with Hana which identified her top 3 strengths. It’s literally been a short cut to focusing on the right stuff in order to target the right 3rd level experience. We certainly recommend the book, but highly recommend a consultation with Joe … it absolutely catapulted us so far forward that we really feel much more equipped to enter the wonderful world of the Leaving Certificate and what lies beyond.

Aileen and Liam Patel (Parents of 5th Year Student)

Pictured at Meath Enterprise and Business Expo 2018: Gary O’Meara(Manager/CEO of Meath Enterprise), Damien English (Minister of Housing and Urban Development), Joe McCormack (ACE Solution Books), Helen McEntee (Minister of State for European Affairs), Cllr Joe Fox (Meath County Council)


Pictured at Meath Enterprise and Business Expo 2018: Tom Kelly (Chairperson of Meath County Council), Joe McCormack (ACE Solution Books)


I highly recommend the book to anyone that is struggling in Maths. The solutions are very easy to read and understand. There are steps for how each answer is achieved and all solutions were neatly laid out. Purchasing this book has definitely saved me a lot of time and effort.

Doyin Akinduro (Nursing Student at the University of Essex)


Highly recommended :-). Great buy for any exam students out there. My daughter found the book and Joe himself (who personally delivered) extremely helpful!

Lynda Lawton (Parent of Junior Cert Higher Level Student)

Thanks Joe.. have ordered the book and download. Without a shadow of a doubt, your book enabled daughter number 1 to stay in higher Maths and get her D in the Junior Cert. She was over the moon to achieve a D. Daughter number 2 is much more mathematical and wants to get an A in her JC Maths, so is hoping your book will work its magic on her too. Two very different students, but the book is a great help to them both.

Angela O’Connor (Parent of Junior Cert Higher Level Student)

I first came across ACE Solutions about 3 years ago and while it was my oldest son was doing his Leaving Cert – I felt the whole house was doing the Leaving Cert! As parents we definitely needed extra advice and support throughout 6th year – this we got from Joe and ACE Solutions. Found on Facebook – his posts and tips were a great help. We had questions relating to Joe’s speciality – Maths, to general ‘anxious Mom’ questions – there was nothing Joe couldn’t offer advice on.
So when the ACE Maths Solutions and How to Ace the Leaving Cert books were published, I was first in the queue. The Solutions book was a present for my son the other a good read for me.
Both books did not disappoint. ‘How to Ace the Leaving Cert’ – covers all aspects in the run up to the exam ranging from study techniques, stress, diet to mocks and exam days.
So two years on we are again doing the Leaving Cert with our second son. A very different child and student, so different questions/issues to deal with. We read the book and then gave it to him to read and he got as much out of it as we did.
I feel there is less stress and we are all a bit calmer this time around. We still have questions and Joe still offers sound practical advice to us as parents – no question is unanswered.
We get a bit of a break and then we head into our final senior cycle again with our daughter. We plan to book a coaching/guidance appointment with Joe for her during 4th year.
So armed with this and our How to Ace the Leaving Cert Bible – we feel we will have given all 3 of our children the best support and help needed to get them through the Leaving Cert.
A brilliant idea from Joe. His enthusiasm for teaching, helping and trying to get the best from students is so evident. I have and can only highly recommend Joe McCormack and ACE Solutions.

Sue Hopkins (Parent of Secondary School Students)

Book was a great help… upgrading from average mid 30s % to 61% in mocks….we have a happy lad here who now believes he can actually do Maths. His teacher also reviewed his paper & believes he can reach a B as the incorrect answers were due to been incomplete answers as opposed to incorrect so thank you !!
Dropping back to pass Maths in June no longer even been considered!!! Many thanks

Sonya Lawless (Parent of Junior Cycle Higher Student)

I found Joe McCormack’s books really helpful, especially in the run up to the Junior Certificate, and even more so now that I’m in 5th year. The books gave me an understanding of Maths I didn’t have before. I had been struggling with some sections of algebra and trigonometry, but after reading the books, I felt much more confident in myself when it came to these sections.

Joe Fitzgerald (5th Year Higher Level Student)

Just a very quick thank you for your Leaving Cert Solutions book. I swear it was like you were in this house over the last week ‘I’ll just check with Joe’ and ‘See what Joe had for that answer’ and ‘i didn’t get the same as Joe, let me go through how he did it’ :-) . Fingers crossed it all went well but the book was a great help to her. Thank you :-)

Amy McGrath (Parent of 6th Year Student)

We are a definite advocate for ACE solution books for junior and leaving maths. They help the difficult revision process in a practical and logical way. Meaning that sometimes it doesn’t seem like revision. We are constantly looking for ways to help and we definitely found it in these books. Thank you and keep them coming.

Carmel Deery (Parent of Secondary School Students)

I used these books during the leaving cert and I can’t recommend them enough! Really detailed and great at explaining why things work ?
I genuinely wouldn’t have gotten enough points for my college course without this book. My younger brothers are also using this book now and find it so helpful for junior and leaving cert

Kelly Marie Sloggett (Primary School Teacher Trainee)

I used Joe’s Maths Exam Papers Solutions Books for both my Junior Cert and Leaving Cert. They were an unbelievable help to me as everything is perfectly explained so simply! I found that in Maths text books everything was dragged out and made way more confusing but with these books I could always figure out the methods quickly. These books really got me through both the Junior and leaving with as little stress as possible! A brilliant way to learn in my opinion. I’m now in my second year doing general nursing in DCU and loving it! Joe was a great help in getting me to where I am now. Thank you. Amy.

Amy Reid (Second Year General Nursing Student at DCU)

Brilliant books.

Sandra Cooke (Parent of Secondary School Students)

The more parents that know about your book the better. My child is only in second year and he already is using the book and is finding it a god sent, so thank you!

Carol McGeough-James (Parent of Second Year Student)

Just received my leaving cert higher level Maths solutions book today. Thanks so much; it’s definitely gunna help me get my grade up.

Derbhla Treanor (6th Year Higher Level Student)

My lad passed his first Maths exam after using your papers etc in his Leaving Cert ……He’s now in second year of a Level 8 Business course. Passing Maths was a life line for him.

Laurenta Fox Hogan (Parent of Third Level Business Student)

My daughter is studying for her mocks at the minute and is finding your book a great help. One of the best books purchased for the Leaving Cert!

Gwen Goodison Busher (Parent of 6th Year Higher Level Student)

We bought these books and they are a great help. Would defo recommend them.

Carolyn Devereux (Parent of Secondary School Students)

Thanks Joe; my daughter Kelly finds your Maths book brilliant & was delighted when I came home from work yesterday with this printed out for her. She said there are codes that you can enter on sites which will give you answers but not in as much detail or step by step like you do. She brought it up to her room straight away and worked on it. It is well worth buying, she uses it all the time and finds it brilliant.

Eileen Leahy (Parent of 3rd Year Higher Level Student)

My daughter used Joe’s Leaving Cert solutions book last year, she found it very helpful.

Frances Cahill Browne (Parent of 6th Year Student)

I found Joe’s Maths books very helpful when I was studying for the leaving cert. I was struggling with Higher level Maths until I bought Joe’s books and from then on, my grades started to improve. I’m glad to say that his books helped me get the Maths requirement I needed for my course Business Analytics in DIT.

David Collins (Business Analytics Student in Dublin Institute of Technology (DIT))

I found Joe’s Solution book to be helpful and gave a clear step by step process of how to answer the different questions and helped to highlight the skills I needed to help me get a H4 in LC higher level Maths.

James McCabe (Bachelor of Religious Education and History Student at Dublin City University (DCU))

Contacted Joe McCormack for advice about a LC subject and he replied immediately and was really accommodating. It was quite unrelated to his field but he made some inquires and steered me in the right direction. Can hardly wait to buy this book for my son……. now that the end is in sight and the books are beginning to be piled up for storage may I take this opportunity to thank you Joe McCormack for your ongoing advice and tips throughout the year. I recommend any parents and students who will face LC in the future to stay in touch and follow this page. It’s super. Thank you Joe McCormack. Thanks a million for all your help and advice. As I only have one son I’ll not be facing LC again but I really appreciate your tips and advice all year and my son found your Maths blitz great. Only 2 more exams left for him and then its off out into the real world !

Kirstin Conroy (Parent of 6th Year Higher Level Student)

Joe’s solution book came in extremely useful towards the end of 6th year, when much of our focus was on exam papers. The step by step guides using basic vocabulary made it easier to understand the often complex asked questions. We were also able to see how much marks were awarded for each question part and how to break down each question. We found these solution books invaluable as there became less and less time available to look through textbooks for answers.

Laoise, Niamh and Cliodhna Moore (6th Year Higher/Ordinary Level Triplets)

The book was a brilliant study aid. It helped me understand some of the mistakes I was making. It was a great resource when going through the Maths past exam papers. I can safely say ACE solutions helped me gain a ‘H1’ in L.C. higher level Maths.

Conor Lynch (1st Year Student of Computer Science with Business in Trinity College Dublin)

I got your Maths Solutions for honours Maths for my son last year and he found it a brilliant help. He got his ‘A’ thankfully!

Lorraine Englishby (Parent of 5th Year Student)

Your books are fab. I am a visual learner and bought the LC ordinary level Maths book last week for my 17 year old boy. He is very happy that the answers are handwritten rather than typed – much easier to read and follow.

Jackie Gardiner (Parent of LCO Student)

Joe, Congratulations on your new book ‘How to ACE the Leaving Certificate’. The Leaving Certificate is a stressful year for everyone involved, whether you’re a student, teacher or parent. “How to Ace the Leaving Certificate” is a perfectly crafted collection of resources to help you survive the year with as little stress as possible. When Joe asked me to contribute to his book, I was more than happy to help. As someone who has overcome the Leaving Cert, I have tried to pass on any tips I can to those who have yet to face it. Joe’s book covers every piece of advice that can be given to students. Advice is equally as important as top-class notes, and everything you’ll need is covered in the book. I cannot recommend this book enough as a valuable tool to get you through the year. My only regret is that I didn’t have it to calm my own nerves during my Leaving Cert!

Emily Bollard (2nd Year Student at University College Dublin (UCD))

Delighted to be Invited to speak to Sixty 5th Year students on the Trinity Access Programme (TAP) at Trinity College Dublin in June 2018. Topics discussed on the day included Stress busting Exams, The best ways to study, Nutritional tips for Exams and for life, The Lifestyle (Study) Timetable and Mocks vs State Exams. A great bunch of kids with loads of questions :-). Picture below with Ms. Diane McSweeney (Senior Cycle School Coordinator for Trinity Access21). Click here for a reference from Ms. Diane McSweeney at Trinity College Dublin.

Thanks Joe. We found your book a valuable resource…many thanks

Una Swords (Parent of 3rd Year Higher Level Student)

I found Joe’s solutions books very easy to understand due to the step by step solutions. The books made doing exam questions a lot quicker and made it easier for me to understand any mistakes I had made. I’d highly recommend the solutions books for anyone looking for that extra bit of help. Joe is also a great help if you are viewing your scripts and looking for any advice in relation to marks awarded.

Sophie-Ann Randles (6th Year Higher Level Student)

Hi Joe, Just wanted to say thanks a million! We use your books and they’re excellent! Thanks for all & keep up the good work! Talks soon.

Aisling Sheridan (Parent of 5th Year Higher Level Student)

Joe’s Exam Paper Solutions book really helped me to be able to quickly locate any mistakes I made while practicing exam questions myself. The method was written down clearly so I could actually understand what I was doing. Joe’ solutions book was without a doubt one of the factors that help me achieve a top grade in Higher level Maths.

Faith Olorunniwo (1st Year Biomedical Engineering Student at N.U.I Galway)

Hi Joe, I forwarded your Facebook post (re: the extra college places that become available) to my Son’s girlfriend as she was not aware of this Information. She filled in courses & got what she was looking for in 3rd rd offers “Psychology” in DBS. She thought she was going to have to do another plc course, but thanks to you she is now going to start 1st year college. Thanks, Marian.

Marian Marks (Parent of Secondary School Student)

My daughter got a B in her Junior Cert honours Maths. She was so shocked as she thought she was looking at a D or worse. Ur book really helped her, thank u, 8 A’s 3 B’s. I’m over the moon….

Avril Jones (Parent of 5th Year Student)

My son got a H1 in his Higher Level Leaving Cert Maths. Thanks for the help via your book; it was a great source of reference! Many thanks again!

Ann Lynch (Parent of 6th Year Higher Level Student)

“How to Ace the Leaving Certificate” is the type of book I wish I had stumbled upon when I had been sitting these dreaded exams. Throughout 5th and 6th year, I spent a lot of my time looking at Google for all sorts of tips and tricks about how to survive the years ahead of me. I had managed to find a whole heap of information from friends, family, Youtube and other general articles online, but in truth, it can all be found in this one book. From how to balance study, with other aspects of your life, to study tips that are actually beneficial, it really covers everything you want to know. It even has a few words, from students that sat the exams in previous years, which makes you feel less alone, and more like you are actually able to do the LC.

Emily White (Psychology Student at Dublin City University (DCU))

I bought Joe’s book after I got my mock Maths papers back and my only regret was that I didn’t get it sooner to be honest. It was a great aid when it came to studying and understanding not only mathematical concepts needed for the exams but it also helped me to understand how to answer and approach exam questions. The book didn’t just supply answers to past exam questions but each answer is accompanied with in-depth descriptions of how we got to the answer. I can honestly say that the Joe’s book played a huge part in me getting the Maths grade I needed to study Computer Science in College.

Sharon Olorunniwo (6th Year Higher Level Student)

I would highly recommend Joe’s Maths Solution books because they are very easy to understanding and broken into simple English. The book is great in the way he explains everything in detail and shows you how to simplify the way the questions are phrased. The solutions in Joe’s book are really student friendly and useful when revising past Exam questions.

Holly Keenan (6th Year Ordinary Level Student)

Many thanks Joe, hugely beneficial for our lads and their futures.

Veronica Coffey (Parent of 2nd Year Higher Level Student)

Well done Joe ….. your books and daily Facebook tips are inspirational. Thanks for all the information you share … give so much to us and ask for nothing in return! I’ve learned so much from you this year…..soooooo much information I’d never have found otherwise….thank you so much :-). Oh and of course Molly found the books invaluable!
Have a wonderful summer and good luck to all your students with their results.

Ursula Tickle (Parent of 3rd Year Higher Level Student)

Thanks Joe for your book, resources, all the advice & tips you post. Brilliant!

Miriam Burke (Parent of 6th Year Higher Level Student)

Thank you Joe, the Maths book was a great help! I highly recommend it!

Maria Charo Suescun (Parent of 6th Year Higher Level Student)

What a gem – these Maths solution books! I would thoroughly recommend Joe McCormack’s books as essential material or scaffolding for every exam student. For parents wish to support their Junior Cert or Leaving Cert student look no further than this fantastic resource.

Eileen L. Doyle (Parent and Secondary School Teacher (Maths, Economics and Religion))

Joe’s books are very useful as they provide helpful Exam Solutions for Maths. His facebook posts are just as useful and I’d definitely recommend, 10/10

Kerrie Forde (6th Year Ordinary Level Student)

I have read through Joe’s book ‘How to ACE the Leaving Certificate’ and found the advice helpful regards to sleep, diet, study tips etc. It was easy reading.

Aidan McDermott (3rd Year Higher Level Student)

Previously, one of my Maths students, Timmy Lennon from Navan, Co. Meath found my Leaving Certificate Higher Level book extremely useful in preparation for his Maths exam. He went on to ace a highly coveted “A1” grade (Now a “H1”) in Maths. This put him in the top 5.2% of students in the country for his year. Timmy is now studying to be an Actuary at Dublin City University (DCU) having attained 520 points in his Leaving Certificate. See below for a picture of Timmy and I celebrating his success.

Timmy Lennon (6th Year Higher Level Student)

Another of my talented Maths students, Jack Byrne from Trim, Co. Meath extensively used my Solutions Book in preparation for his Leaving Certificate Higher Level Maths exam. He went on to score an impressive 585 points in his Leaving Certificate. Jack was one of two students in Co. Meath to win a scholarship to Trinity College Dublin, where he is now studying General Science. Last Summer, Jack achieved a brilliant 85% (first class honours) in his end of year college Maths Exams. Another star sent on the road to success! See below for pictures of Jack and I.

Jack Byrne (6th Year Higher Level Student)


As a Maths teacher, I have bought class sets for my students in school and would recommend Joe’s ACE Solution Books  for many reasons:

* Clear precise steps shown in all solutions
* Excellent explanations given in solutions
* Solutions are very detailed compared to State Exam solutions
* Ideal for revision before Christmas, Pre-Exams and Junior/Leaving Cert
* Solutions provided in similar format to an Exam paper

Mr. John Scannell (Secondary LC Higher Maths Teacher of thirty years/Author of LC Maths Revision Books)

A group of higher level students from two sixth year classes of St Michaels, Loreto, Navan looking forward to using their ACE Maths Solution Books.

Sixth Years from St Michael’s Loreto Secondary School, Navan, Co. Meath.

I got the Project maths book in the post this morning. Very quick since I only ordered it only two nights ago. Thanks Joe, it will be a great help for my daughter.

Linda Butler (Parent of 3rd Year Higher Level Student)

I bought your Junior Cert Maths Solutions book and my son performed exceptionally well in honours. Thank You! He is giving honours a go for the Leaving Cert.

Sue Ward (Parent of 5th Year Higher Level Student)

Dear Joe, My daughter has continued with her Science Education course in DCU. It’s not easy but she seems to be happy enough, likes the physics! I want to thank you for your support and advice back in Sept this year when my daughter and l (her mum) needed advice on accepting/not accepting her CAO offer. This was difficult as it was her 3rd choice and she was reluctant. Your advice & support regarding the choices we explored i.e. repeating LC and proceeding with a course you are happy to start, was most valuable and appreciated. You offer a great service. Wishing you a Happy Christmas and Happy New year for 2019 with your business. Kindest regards,

Linda Ryall (Parent of 3rd Level Student)

I found Joe McCormack’s Project Maths Leaving Higher solutions book extremely useful while studying at home. It is very well laid out and easy to use. I would attempt the problem myself and then use the solution book to check my answer, step by step. The unique step by step layout was great to identify exactly where you went wrong. Towards the end of 6th year, my main focus was on where the marks were awarded for each question and the solution book clearly showed just that. I wouldn’t have passed Higher Level Maths if it wasn’t for Joe’s tips and advice.

Caoimhe Ni Lionsigh (Primary School Teacher)

Hi Joe, I had your Maths book after the mocks and found it much better than and exam-it as the solutions were clear and precise. I would recommend this book to anyone and also as a pointer, a bit more information and how you get from step to step on certain equations would benefit leaving cert students. It really did help me with Maths and was a great asset to have!

Harry Barnes (6th Year Higher Level Student)

My son was averaging 37% in honours maths, I read about Joe’s book on FB & decided to try it. I am pleased to say he got a C today in his junior cert. He was thrilled & said the book was a great help to him. It helped understand by explaining it in a simpler way. Thanks Joe.

Bernadette Dunne (Parent of a 3rd Year Higher Level Student)

Thanks for your support online during the year. It’s great to have someone to ask advice from :-). The JC finishes tomorrow afternoon……Thank you Joe for your words of encouragement for my son back in June when he was debating about dropping down in Maths. Well he didn’t and he got a D in his Junior Higher Maths today and is delighted with himself. Thank you for all your support, it was worth a lot to us…. Your students are lucky to have you as their Teacher. You are worth your weight in Gold.

Fiona Mannion (Parent of 3rd Year Higher Level Student)

Joe, all your advice, guidelines and little tips for the kids doing exams are so very valuable. Spot on tips, solutions etc. Thanks a million, it is so appreciated.

Audrey Caldwell (Parent of 1st Year Twin Students)

Great books, I recommended them to my niece and she got them and finds them great!

Deirdre Hickey (Aunt of 6th Year Higher Level Student)

Hi Joe, Just want to thank you my son was really happy coming out of his Leaving Cert exam today…. said your explanations on calculations totally helped him…. a much happier lad than after the Mocks!

Caroline Hudson (Parent of 6th Year Ordinary Level Student)

Thanks Joe. Your Maths book really helped my daughter!

Deirdre Fox (Parent of both 6th Year and Third Year Higher Level Students)

Thanks for the feedback Joe McCormack. My daughter found your book (for LC Ordinary) to be a great help. Highly recommended for anyone with a Leaving Cert student in the house!

Sally Falvey (Parent of 6th Year Ordinary Level Student)

Joe..i really think your book helped leah pass her maths..from a girl who simply couldnt get a grade to achieving an 04 is amazing for her and I’m delighted!

Clarissa Dowdall (Parent of 6th Year Ordinary Level Student)

I’m a 6th year student and I’m facing my leaving cert exams in a weeks’ time. I have been using the ACE solutions Ordinary level maths book for the past few months and found it an amazing help as the solutions are laid out in a step by step format which is easy to follow. My grades are improving and I will hopefully pass my leaving cert exam thanks to this book!

Siobhan O’Shea (6th Year Ordinary Level Student)

For two years, I used Joe McCormack’s solution books while studying for Leaving Cert Higher Maths. I found the solutions to be extremely helpful as they were laid out in a clear and well-structured way. If I was having any difficulty with an exam question, I could open Joe’s book to help me fully understand the question. I could also see the correct method to use that the marking scheme and examiners would be looking for. I ended up achieving a H3 in Maths. I received my University results from University College Dublin yesterday and scored a First Class Honours for First Year, which I was delighted about. I also managed to get an ‘A’ in the Maths module ‘Calculus’, which Joe’s book had great detail on. I am now looking towards possible careers in Physiology, Genetics or Neuroscience. I would definitely recommend the book for anyone doing the Leaving Cert in the future. (Keane pictured below)

Keane Geraghty (First Year UCD Student)

Thanks Joe McCormack, for the information and thank you for the Maths solutions book. It is really most helpful!

Antoinette McNamara (Parent of 3rd Year Higher Level Student)

I used Joe’s Book “How to Ace the Leaving Certificate” frequently as a resource in my Guidance classes and also in my individual career counselling sessions. It covers every aspect of their Leaving Cert year from their first day in September where they are given study tips: leading up to their mocks and then their final weeks until exam day tips, the “twenty five exam hall diamonds”. It gives the holistic approach to preparation for the Leaving Cert year: practical examples but easy to remember tips, nutritional, exercise and wellbeing advice. Finally, my students really enjoyed the advice from post Leaving Certificate students. It’s not only written for the students but also the parents and the teachers. I would highly recommend this book, invaluable, practical and very informative.


Ms. Aoife Lynch (Guidance Counsellor, St Dominics College, Cabra, D7)

Joe, Your books have been a terrific help for my daughter. Thanks a mill. She has used both your Junior and Leaving Higher Solutions book. Sharon.

Sharon Baitson Russell (Parent of 6th Year Higher Level Student)

So sorry I didnt get your books sooner for my son.

Mags Gould Horgan (Parent of 6th Year Ordinary Level Student)

Thanks Joe, Your books are fantastic!

Tanya Molloy-Dowd (Parent of 2nd Year Higher Level Student)

Alex got a H4 in his Maths so is extremely pleased. Thanks for everything, you set him up well for LC. Good luck with your own career and also to all your future students.

Mary Creegan (Parent of 6th Year Higher Level Student)

Hi Joe, Just letting you know that my son James got a H1 in Maths. He has never had grinds in Maths, but found your solutions book brilliant. It had everything he needed; so thanks once again and I’ll be recommending you to all.

Miriam Bourke (Parent of 6th Year Higher Level Student)

Hi Joe. Just to let you know Shane got a H3 in Maths (and 521 points in total!!) and was absolutely delighted. Thanks again for your amazing book !! Now just to get son number 2 geared up for the JC next June!! I cannot recommend these books highly enough. I literally had just put your book away when your post popped up! Oh Joe my other son is doing so much better!! I told him we’d just do about 20 mins a night to start but without realising it he stretched it further each night and actually asked to do exam papers tonight! He’s getting all his homework done and correct as well and if he doesn’t understand something that they start new then we sit down together and work it out and he goes in the next day happy out! Such a difference….you were so right, he needed to get his confidence back.

Karen Carolan (Parent of 2nd and 6th Year Higher Level Students)

Fantastic Book! Share with your friends..I didn’t have any exam kids this year but I think your work is amazing and encouraging for our future generations! Wishing you every success Joe.. you are so passionate and work so hard; it really does show!! Take care and thank you.

Elma Stack (Secondary School Parent)

Hi Joe. Just wanted to let you know Shona got a H4 in her Maths, so all the worry was for nothing. She got 531 points and today got Primary teaching in St Pats. Thanks for your help, your book and your advice.

Michelle Dillon (Parent of 6th Year Higher Level Student)

Thanks Joe, you have been a mine of information. Appreciate it.

Finola Mangan (Parent of Secondary School Student)

Joe, your Facebook page is excellent and so resourceful – I dip in and out every now and then and it’s great to have someone like you sharing all these tips etc.

Edel Harnan (Parent of Second Year Student)

Thanks for reply Joe, no its grand i will be keeping your original book as have another boy in 2nd year doing higher. Also got your book on How to Ace the Leaving Cert. Great read and tips. Thanks.

Ann Vaughan (Parent of 2nd & 3rd Year Student)

I bought the Ace Solutions book for my daughter in 6th year. It has been a god send already and has helped her immensely. I would recommend it to all students. Thank you Joe McCormack, it was worth every cent.

Pauline Flanagan (Parent of 6th Year Student)

Thanks a million; my son got so much help from your books.

Kris Griffin (Parent of 3rd Year Higher Level Student)

Thank you Joe! Your Maths solutions books have been a huge help to my daughter. She’s been pouring over them for the past 2 weeks. Many thanks again for all your insight and publications on the State exams, they’re really invaluable. My daughter is starting her Junior Cycle tomorrow and I can’t thank you enough for everything. I will keep sharing your posts whenever I get the chance. Thanks again, Elaine.

Elaine Keenan Patriarca (Parent of 3rd Year Higher Level Student)

Totally agree with Gavin Duffy. My daughter used your book for her Junior Cert two years ago and found it of great benefit. Just ordered a set for Leaving Cert. Looking forward to receiving them. Keep up the great work Joe.

Fiona Ni Reaamoinn (Parent of 6th Year Ordinary Level Student)

My daughter just said to me this evening, ‘thanks so much for getting me those books, the Maths one is a life saver’.

Vivienne Mulligan (Parent of 6th Year Ordinary Level Student)

Joe’s book “How to Ace the Leaving Cert” gives excellent tips and advice for students. I’d highly recommend it.

Aedin Tynan (Secondary School Career Guidance and Irish Teacher)

Joe’s books are brilliant for exam students. Highly recommend.

Kitty Fanning (Grandmother of Secondary School Students)

When you’re stuck on a maths question over the weekend, rather than having to wait for the teacher to explain it, you can see how it’s done in Joe’s book. The book was really helpful. It helped me not to panic – sometimes I’d see a question and think “oh my God” but then when you read the explanation and the solution it makes you realise it’s actually easier than you think. I love how neat it was too! It really helped me in the run up to the exams in particular when I had all the information, but just wasn’t sure how it apply it to the questions. I was delighted to get an A in Maths.

Fionnghuala Drumgoole (3rd Year Higher Level Student)

As a student, I loved maths but as a parent I’d been hearing so much about this dreaded new “Project Maths” that when my daughter started secondary school, I thought my long-forgotten knowledge would be of no use to her. Then I found Joe’s solution book.  It’s a simple idea (always the best) – provide the answers to the questions – but for me it was everything I needed to help my daughter i.e. step by step solutions to all the past papers. Using this book along with a blank set of papers, we are taking it topic by topic to figure out where she’s struggling and then working through each question until she feels confident. The solutions are so detailed that I find it very easy to follow and explain. I would highly recommend this book to all students and parents.

Gillian Kiely (Parent of 2nd Year Higher Level Student)

I always liked Maths as a subject, but when they introduced ‘Project Maths’, I found it very challenging. I was determined to keep doing HL. A friend of mine then recommended Joe McCormack’s Project Maths Solution Book to me. Joe’s approach in his book got me the grade (H3) I needed and his support and encouragement over the past year was excellent. Having scored in the top 5% of results in my school, I am now looking forward to studying Law and French in UCC. For anyone hoping to do HL maths I can’t recommend Joe’s book enough with its straight forward approach to solutions. Thanks again Joe and the very best of luck to all those doing the LC next year. All the hard work does pay off!

Ciara Reavey (6th Year Higher Level Student)

Couldn’t recommend Joe’s ACE Solution Books enough. Certainly saved a life in this house :-) – excellent books.

Claire Rafferty (Parent of 6th Year Ordinary Level Student)

You’re so dedicated to students and their families Joe! You deserve every success with these publications!!

Clare Kilkenny (Parent of Secondary School Student)

Just want to thank you Joe regarding your ACE LCO Maths book. It has helped my daughter so much in getting her through this though year ! She got on very well in her Pre-leaving cert Maths! Thanks again.

Eda O’Shea (Parent of 6th Year Ordinary Level Student)

Joe, thanks very much – your book is fantastic; a great help & invaluable to my daughter Niamh. Pity I’m only seeing it now.

Sandra O’Brien (Parent of 6th Year Higher Level Student)

Throughout my final year in school I found myself flicking through many pages in my maths book looking for notes, proofs and formulas. When I got Joe’s Maths solutions book, I could finally relax knowing that if I needed to look up a solution, it was easy to find in his book. Joe’s book is clear and easy to read and I don’t think I’ve had a book similar which was so organised and included highly detailed solutions. Overall, the key notes in the book helped me a lot with my Leaving Cert Maths course.

Charlie May (6th Year Higher Level Student)

Joe’s exam paper solution books are worth getting for your children. My son did Ordinary level maths and his friend did higher. Both kids found the books a huge help as they are written clear and concise. From a parent’s view I found Joe’s Facebook page extremely useful. He answers your questions promptly and is very helpful. I learned more about exams, college applications etc from Joe’s page than anywhere else. If every teacher took as much interest in their students as Joe does maths would not be an issue.

Denise McDermott Craig (Parent of 6th Year Ordinary Level Student)

I found the written explanations beside the solutions to be really useful, as they helped me understand fully how to do the question. The procedure in which the answer was done was really simple and made it a lot easier to understand and i was soon able to do the exam questions myself without any help. It also made doing a timed practice exam a lot quicker as I could flick between solutions when correcting.

Emer Brady (3rd Year Higher Level Student)

I purchased the Project Maths Solution Book for my son who is currently preparing for his leaving certificate this June. He is constantly referring back to it and it has become a very important tool for him in all aspects of maths. I recently met with his maths teacher who said the book has played an important role in his progression. I’m delighted and such good value also. I think all students would benefit from this book.

Maeve Johnson (Parent of 6th Year Ordinary Level Student)


Joe McCormack’s ‘Project Maths: Exam Paper Solutions'(Ord. Level) has been a real find!! Joe has included sample maths questions from right across the Maths Curriculum and his answers are written in a clear and logical way. At a very stressful and pressurised time in my life (Leaving Cert.!!), Joe’s book has been a real support for me. As the Project Maths curriculum is so new, there are very few resources upon which the present day Leaving Cert students can draw. Therefore, this book is worth its weight in gold!! Thank you Joe!

Suan Ní Mhurchú (6th Year Ordinary Level Student)

My son thought it was a good book and found it very useful for studying. He will continue to make use of it until his exams.

John Gallagher (Parent of 6th Year Higher Level Student)

Joe’s Project Maths exam paper solutions are very useful and informative.

Aidan Power (Product owner at Pilz Ireland)

A friend of mine recommended Joe McCormack’s Project Maths Book to me. Joe is a mathematical wizard and has many years of teaching experience in this field. Joe’s Project Maths book solutions are thorough informative and very good value. I think all students would benefit from this book. Joe has included sample maths questions from right across the Maths Curriculum and his answers are written in a clear and logical way. As the Project Maths curriculum is so new, there are very few resources upon which the present day Leaving Cert students can draw. Joe’s book helped me stay focused on the goal of solving and presenting solutions, in a logical step by step format. I gained the confidence, skills and inside knowledge on how to best solve and layout answers in an exam environment. This book is worth its weight in gold and I always had it beside me whilst I studied. I am now looking forward to studying Dental Science in Trinity College Dublin. For anyone hoping to do HL maths I can’t recommend Joe’s book enough with its straight forward approach to mathematics.
Thank you Joe!

Daniel Hopkins (6th Year Higher Level Student)

As the mother of two boys sitting the Leaving and Junior Cert in June, I so wish I had discovered Joe’s Project Maths Solution Books prior to this (May). Both solution books arrived last week and they are already the number one tool for Maths revision with both boys. They have commented on them that “they give a clear visual representation of what needs to be done for each question and have helped immensely with revision”. Thanks also Joe for all the helpful information you post on your Facebook page.

Grainne Heeran McNabola (Parent of a Junior and Leaving Cert Student)

Congrats Joe! You & your Maths book helped my son get a ‘H1’ in LC higher Maths, so i hope many other students get the benefit from your books.

Marian Marks (Parent of 6th Yr Higher Leaving Cert Student)

As a parent who used this book last year; absolutely – it’s a great help for them on their own if they are unsure – like a grind in lots of ways. Very easily understood. No vested interest – just a happy customer of an ‘A’ student last year!!!

Orla Drumgoole (Parent of 3rd Yr Higher Leaving Cert Student)

Have these books by Joe McCormack for my daughter in Leaving Cert. Invaluable!! All LC & JC students should avail of a complete opportunity to get that “A”!!!

Paula Mullen Swords (Parent of 6th Yr Ordinary Leaving Cert Student)

As a Mum/teacher I would highly recommend Joe’s books. My son got an ‘A’ in his JNR cert with no grinds. He found the books better because he works better with hard copies rather than PDF. Thanks Joe

Paula Buckley (Parent of 3rd Yr Higher Junior Cert Student)

After 12 months following your posts on Facebook and suggesting to my leaving cert son that he get your book – “ah I’m grand mam, sure it’s all on online” – I ignored him and ordered your book last night. Can’t believe it arrived through the letter box today!! Well….he’s a convert! Mocks start soon and the book is open as we speak. He’s so impressed with it. Thanks so much for such a quick and speedy delivery. Regards, Karen

Karen Carolan (Parent of 3rd Yr Higher Junior Cert Student)

I thought the Project Maths Solution book was very useful as it helped me get the best result I could hope for in the Junior Cert. I used it for examples of how to solve Maths problems from past exam papers. If I couldn’t get an answer to a question, I would look up how to do it from the book. The solutions showed how to do the questions really clearly. With the book, many times I read and went “Ah that’s how its done”. I used it as tool to help me prepare for the exam and also as homework revision. Overall it was a great book for my Junior cert in helping me achieve my “A” grade in Higher Level.

Sean Stanley (3rd Year Higher Level Student)

These books really are an investment. More maths teachers should be suggesting to kids to use them.

Caroline Page (Parent of 6th Year Ordinary Level Student)

Can’t recommend these books highly enough. We have the LC one for our 6th year and the JC for our 2nd year and they are a godsend!

Anonymous Parent of a Secondary School Student)

Anyone who is doing Maths exams, this book is absolutely invaluable! Highly, highly recommended.

Claire Deery (Post Graduate University Student)

I actually have all these books and they are superb. Would highly recommend.

Nicola Kearns (Parent and Retired Secondary School Teacher)

Thank you, I’ve heard so many great things about your books and your passion for teaching, wish I’d had this resource myself in school; Mathematics is so important. I have a son doing Junior Cycle next year and thankfully he seems to be coping alright with higher level, and he was delighted when I told him that I had ordered your book, he said “thanks, its supposed to be great”. Love the facebook page also, very informative.

Caitriona McCarthy (Parent of 2nd Year Higher Level Student)

Thank you so very much Joe…for all your help and advice when choosing my Maths books for my daughter….You were so helpful and your website is very easy to follow and use.

Tanya Lisa Costigan (Parent of 2nd Year Higher Level Student)

Hi Joe, Thanks for the email, can’t wait for the books to arrive. I know they will help Rebecca next year in 6th. I am already a follower on Facebook and we have spoken by DM. Love your work and have recommended you to lots of parents (I think my daughter may even follow you ?)

Linda Connolly (Parent of 5th Year Higher Level Student)

Must start picking these up for my son doing his Junior Cert this year- he’s just finished his pres and I think reality has set in!

Aisling White (Parent of 3rd Year Higher Level Student)

Joe, my son said he’d be lost without this maths book – it’s great. Thank you

Fiona Kelly Handbridge (Parent of 6th Year Higher Level Student)

I got these for my Junior Cert boy, and you know boys…… well he’s delighted says there a real help , I would definitely highly recommend, especially if there from Joe McCormack, he’s excellent, my eldest boy said his books were his life saver when he did his leaving cert last year , Tk you Joe for all your work to make life for us parents that bit easier. Three boys and studying for exams , is a hard one ! To quote one of them “how do you study Mam?” I was recommended to get the book, ‘How to Ace your Leaving Certificate’ and I can only say it gave the boys the confidence and the tools to get their minds around studying and sitting their exams. We have all Joe’s Maths solution books which shows simply how to work out each question! If you haven’t got these books, it’s never to late. A little help is all they need and for parents as well as children these books are a godsend , thank you Joe.

Eithne Condra (Parent of 6th Year Ordinary Level Student)

I bought this Junior Cert Maths book for my daughter and it was of great benefit to her in her mocks so hopefully she will ACE the real exam paper in June.

Anne McGonagle (Parent of 3rd Year Higher Level Student)

I highly recommend Joe McCormack’s Project Maths Exam Paper Solution Books for both Junior and Senior Leaving Cert as the solutions are very clear and easy to follow with notes included beside each step for the student and also a student can practice exam questions knowing they have the best possible solution to verify their work. They are also very affordable.

Ms. Eileen Murphy (Teacher, Assistive Technology Specialist,Tutor at Hibernia college and Online Course Developer)

I found Joe’s solution book so easy to check answers and it made studying Maths so much easier. I practiced papers and checked where I was going wrong, or right in some cases. I would highly recommend for all Leaving Cert students, Tks Joe for all your help

Jack Condra (6th Yr Ordinary Level Student)

My daughter found the book very useful, she is only in second year but both she and I feel that it has given her a lot of help in preparing for her state exam next year. The illustrations are excellent and the examples and solutions very easy to understand. I would highly recommend this book.

Veronica Edwards (Parent of 2nd Year Higher Level Student)

I just completed my leaving cert. Having missed some school in fifth year due to illness I had quite a bit of catching up to do. Joe’s exam paper solution book was extremely helpful; it is laid out in a simple way and was a great resource when trying to see where I had gone wrong in a question. His solutions are very clear and detailed and more importantly easy to follow, especially for tricky questions where the text book didn’t really provide a good guideline. I was delighted to have the book and improved greatly during 6th year achieving an O2 (Over 80%) overall.

Shane Curran (6th Year Ordinary Level Student)

My daughter bought your book recently, doing her LC in June this year…finds it very helpful – well laid out solutions and hints make it clear for students who would not be inclined to put their hands up in class to ask for explanations for fear of appearing silly. Your book is invaluable in that it sets out line by line how and why you are getting to the solution so she can go over it at her leisure.
Hi Joe, Aisling was delighted with her Math’s result – and actually very surprised….we credit your book with getting her across the line of a subject she used to be so scared of. Up to Christmas, it was like a very complicated foreign language for her – thank you !

Ann Mullen Barry (Parent of 6th Year Ordinary Level Student)

Joe is a Mathematical wizard and has many years of teaching experience in this field. Joe’s Project Maths exam paper solutions are thorough and informative.

Allan Patterson (Director of Consumer Operations at APAC)

To all my my friends whose kiddos are stressing over their Leaving Certificate Maths. Check out Joe McCormack who has put together a solutions book for all the past papers. Joe is a Navan resident & kindly delivered the book this evening. Worth every penny. First time I’ve seen my son smile at a maths book :-)

Lisa Williamson (Parent of 6th Year Ordinary Level Student)

The exam answer books were a very valuable tool for my daughter when she was revising for her Junior Cert, as she was able to test herself on the exam papers and then refer to the answers when she was finished. I would highly recommend them.

Ailsa Sexton (Parent of 3rd Year Higher Level Student)

I purchased Exam Paper Solutions Higher level for my son and he found them extremely helpful and beneficial. Well worth getting.

Ruth Crehan (Parent of 6th Year Higher Level Student)

I bought Joe’s Project Maths Book for my son late last year who was sitting Junior Cert higher level Maths. As a teacher, I found the book really helpful and my son had the book out every time he was studying Maths. He succeeded in getting an ‘A’ in his exams and was delighted. As a result I will be ordering two books this year; one for my second boy who will be sitting his Junior Cert and one for Leaving Cert—both higher level. I would thoroughly recommend these Maths Solution books.

Ms. Paula Buckley (Teacher and Parent of 3rd/6th Year Higher Level Student)

Thanks Joe. I received the books this morning. Very prompt service.. The girls seem very pleased with the contents. Thanks :-)

Sheila Ni Mathuna (Parent of 3rd/6th Year Higher Level Student)

Joe, My daughter, Maria is delighted with your book. It has taken the stress out of this subject. You have given the solutions in an easy to follow method. Her confidence is being greatly helped when she gets the maths correct. I wish i had this book for my other kids. Thank you again.

Brid Rushe (Parent of 3rd Year Higher Level Student)

Hi Joe, I just want to say a big thank you for coming up with these great solution books in Maths. My son Neil found it a great help in his leaving cert and he did really well in his exam. He had accepted he wouldn’t do so well until I got your book and he was amazed how much it helped him. Now my next lad is doing his leaving cert so we got your Ordinary level Maths solutions book and once again he has found it invaluable.

Joanna Reilly (Parent of 6th Year Ordinary Level Students)

Can’t recommend Joe’s books enough – for anyone with children doing Leaving Cert or Junior Cert – be sure to check these out.

Teresa O’Brien (Parent of 1st Year Analytical and Pharmaceutical Science Student, Dublin Institute of Technology(DIT))

Great resources, A must for Exam students.

Colette Mulvey (Parent of Secondary School Student)

I have so far purchased Junior Cert books twice and a Leaving Cert book also. I will be purchasing the Leaving Cert book again next year. Joe’s books are so helpful my boys love them.

Patricia Murray (Parent of 3rd and 6th Year Students)

I have no doubt that these books are a great help to anyone doing exams. I have contacted Joe a few times to ask him some questions. He has always gotten back to me and offered lots of information on the questions I had. Thanks Joe.

Ruth Collins (Parent of 3rd Year Higher Level Student)

Joe, Your book of solutions and notes were a huge help! Having the solutions was a great help in seeing how questions should be answered. Thanks very much!

Nathan McAloon (6th Yr Higher Level Student)

Can’t recommend this book enough to all the leaving and junior cert students, well worth a purchase guys.

Caroline Clancy (Parent of Secondary School Student)

One of my students said to me yesterday that he purchased your Junior Cert Solutions book (using his own money too might I add !! ) and his brother has hogged it as they both find it V helpful … so nice to see two kids fighting over a Maths book … what a compliment Joe !

Ms. Jo Gannon (Dyslexia Tutor)

I would highly recommend these books….

Monique Condon (Parent of Secondary School Student)

I bought Joe McCormack’s project maths solutions book at the start of 6th year. I personally found it to be a great help to me while I studied, and it was the next best thing to a tuition class. I found it to be the most helpful when tackling difficult exam questions, as the answers were laid out well and explained step by step. I would definitely recommend this book to all Junior & Leaving Cert students.

Caitriona ni Nuaillain (6th Year Higher Level Student)

Check out these Maths Solutions Books. Some students have found them very helpful to prepare for exams.

The Dyslexia Association of Ireland

I bought Joe’s Project Maths book for my son who was struggling with Junior Certificate honours maths. He was getting grinds and his tutor began using this book instead of the school text book as it explained the maths problems in easy to follow steps and was completely jargon free. My son came out of the Maths exams happy. I am delighted that I bought this book for him, it really was a godsend.

Susan Moran (Parent of 3rd Year Higher Level student)

Dear Joe,
Thank you very much for your book. It was a great help to my son who has been struggling with Maths during the course of his Third year. He didn’t consider in a million years that he could get a “B” in Maths and he did it! With the step by step solutions to the questions from your book, he is now aiming for an “A” in his Leaving Cert Exam…now that is motivation…
Your book helped my son gain confidence in Maths and I highly recommend it.
Thanks again.

Lisa Akeme (Parent of 3rd Year Higher Level student)

I would highly recommend these books. I bought the leaving cert book for my daughter last year and she found it very helpful.

Maura Byrne (Parent of 6th Year Ordinary Level Student)

Looking forward to your new maths book. The last one was very useful for my daughter. It simplified each question really well. Thanks Joe and keep up the good work. I’d highly recommend your work. 

Annette Moran (Parent of 3rd Year Higher Level Student)

In this day and age when young people are finding it very hard to find their way in life, it is a great comfort to know that there are such people as Joe McCormack who can actually come up with solutions to ease some of the problems young people meet along the way. I would readily recommend Joe’s Project Maths Solutions for every teacher out there and their pupils…..

Ms. Niamh Murray (Classical Singer, Primary School Teacher and Vocal Performance Tutor at Maynooth University)

Thanks Joe, My son received your book today. I left him to look over it when I went out and he said he “couldn’t put it down” and that it was “really helpful”.

Frances Moss (Parent of 3rd Year Higher Level Student)

Hi Joe, Thank you for posting the Maths book today. I’ve never seen somebodies face light up when they were given a book but my daughters did exactly that when she opened it this evening. As she said herself you “saved her life” and probably my sanity :-). I hope your kindness is returned to you a hundred fold as you more than deserve it. Thanks a lot, Karen.

Karen McGivern (Parent of 6th Year Ordinary Level Student)

My son Jordan passed his higher maths with the help of Joe’s Project Maths Book. Thanks so much Joe as he got a H5 with the extra twenty five bonus points.

Sabrina Masterson Blake (Parent of 6th Year Higher Level Student)

Hi Joe, This is brilliant. I’m ordering a copy for my son in Leaving Cert Higher Level for next year. Thank you; you’re a genius!

Lorraine Shortt (Parent of 6th Year Higher Level Student)

That Maths book helped my daughter greatly.. it got her a much better result and we couldn’t be happier! Well worth buying!

Clarissa Dowdall (Parent of 6th Year Ordinary Level Student)

I bought this for my daughter who is doing Junior Cert Higher Level in 2017 & I highly recommend it. It’s brilliant. Thank you Joe.

Sinead Cooney (Parent of 3rd Year Higher Level Student)

Junior Certs from St Joseph’s Mercy Navan utilising my ACE Junior Higher Maths Solution Books in preparation for their upcoming exams.

I’ve been meaning to write a review since I was first introduced to Joe McCormack’s Solution books for Leaving Cert Project Maths last year. From studying higher level maths myself and having two children who ALWAYS scored 10s in state standardised tests, Maths became less easy in the lead up to and following their Junior Cert exams. Both go to different schools and have fantastic teachers but whatever reason Project Maths became a big deal. A long course, no choice of questions, large classes etc didn’t help. These solution books don’t just give answers to previous years’ exam questions but also sets out very detailed step by step solutions also. They explain why you are doing something and useful footnotes also remind learners not to miss a step and the different terminology used etc. I would be of the opinion that these books should be included as Department of Education notes so that students can see the layout and standard expected. The notes are helpful and concise and I would recommend starting with them in 2nd or 5th year so that students have them as a study aid and not just as a last minute help.
Folks these Maths books are brilliant. We’ve used them for both junior and Leaving cert higher Maths. They are based on past exam papers, and give not just the answer but a detailed step-by-step solution with footnotes of what you should do, interchangeable terminology etc so there’s more understanding instead of just trying to do. I’ve just seen that they’re half price tonight. Would recommend getting them for 2nd/5th year also for exam training purposes. Much more helpful in my opinion than the revision booklets sold by schoolbook companies, they should be on the book lists in my opinion. Please share with anyone with exams coming up, both higher and ordinary level can be ordered. These books are fantastic, higher than expected LC higher level result achieved last year, helped hugely by explanations, footnotes and terminology used. Can’t recommend highly enough.

Carol T Gavin (Parent of 6th Year Higher and Ordinary Level Students)

Hi Joe, Thanks so much, the book has helped my daughter with her Higher Level LC Maths. She has put in huge effort and has moved from 23% in October exams to 83% this Christmas. She uses the book and continually does exam papers every night. Thanks for your help!

Margaret O’Brien (Parent of 6th Year Higher Level Student)

Joe Mc Cormack, an experienced Math Teacher, offers students clear and concise Math solutions in his Math Exam Books for Leaving Cert Students. As we all have experienced, preparing for exams is a time consuming exercise which can often lead to confusion and frustration. To help students stay focused on the goal of solving and presenting solutions, Joe has successfully managed to clearly lay out his Maths solutions in a logical step by step format. As a result, Students will gain confidence and inside knowledge on how to best solve and layout their answers in an exam environment. These books are valuable assets to any Leaving Cert Student or Maths Teacher, whose aim is to enable their student to do their best using Exam practice as a top tool!

Eimear O’Neill (Instructional Designer at Automatic Data Processing Inc(ADP))

In Maths terms….. converts the negatives into positives!!!!

Fiona Forde (Parent of Secondary School Student)

These are fantastic books and Joe is extremely helpful with any questions that you may have. A must have for every student!!

Susan Ryan (Parent of Secondary School Student)

I purchased the Junior Cert book last year for my son and it was a great help. Thanks Joe McCormack.

Caroline Hughes (Parent of Transition Year Student)

Joe McCormack – Educational Expert so easy too read and much better lay out than some on the market these should be everywhere

Lorraine Reilly (Parent of Secondary School Student)

I would definitely recommend Joe’s Maths books to anyone doing the Junior or Leaving Cert. They’re on sale today too. Very helpful and easy to understand. My daughter in Abi Dabi bought me your Leaving Cert book today for my son. Thanks. Joe.

Veronica McGinn (Parent of 6th Year Ordinary Level Student)