ACE Educational Consultation Service

(New for 2019)

Following on from my recent successful publication of “How to ACE the Leaving Certificate” for all Subjects, I am delighted to announce that I will be offering an Educational Consultation Package for ALL Secondary School Students and their Parents commencing the end of January 2019. I am very much looking forward to sharing my many years expertise with you the Student (and your Parents) in order to help you overcome barriers and excel in Secondary School.

During a pre-booked session, I will offer my opinion, advice and competence in areas of concern for both you and your Parents and provide you with the relevant resources and Information you require.

Educational Topics to Choose From

Parents and Students, If the answer is yes to any or many of the below Twenty questions, contact me now to discuss and reserve your appointment for 2018/2019:

    • Do you as a Parent need guidance on any aspect of your Child’s Secondary School experience? [1]
    • Does your Child need advice on settling into Secondary School? [2]
    • Does your Child need Information on the most efficient ways to Study and Revise? [3]
    • Could your Child use tips on how to maximise their evenings (Homework/Study/Leisure balance)? [4]
    • Does you Child need help in setting up a ‘Lifestyle Study Timetable’? [5]
    • Would your Child like to know the key Ingredients to doing well in Exams? [6]
    • Could your Child do with guidance on subject choice and how it might affect their Third level options? [7]
    • Would you or your Child require an overview of the CAO system and choosing Third level courses? [8]
    • Would your Child like an assessment of their Interest Profile to help guide their future choices? [9]
    • Would your Child like some  guidance in creating a Curriculum Vitae (CV)? [10]
    • Could your Child use some Stress busting techniques as the Exams approach? [11]
    • Would your Child benefit from doing a Mock Interview? [12]
    • Would your Child like an Insight into Preparing a difficult Subject (e.g. Maths)? [13]
    • Could you as a Parent do with some helpful recommendations around Exam time? [14]
    • Would you or your Child like some useful tips in relation to improving their diet during school time? [15]
    • Would your First Year Child like guidance on Secondary School expectations/subjects etc..? [16]
    • Would you like some advice around keeping your Child safe on the Internet? [17]
    • Would your Child like some Pointers on how to prepare a Presentation and the skills required to deliver one? (The new Junior Cycle involves doing class presentations (CBA’s) in a number of subjects) [18]
    • Would your Child be Interested in finding out the best ‘Junior and Leaving Cert Hacks’ ? [19]
    • Do you need more Information about special entry routes to Third level for eligible candidates: HEAR (Higher Ed Access Route) and DARE (Disability Access Route to Ed)? [20]

Our discussions during your consultation can focus on one or more of the above areas and I will give you my expert advice and resources afterwards to help you in the best way possible.

Sessions will be made available for ALL  STUDENTS from 1st through 6th year, not just those in Exam years. Parents will be very much included in the process.

The Consultation Package

As part of the Consultation Package you will receive:

  1. Up to Ninety minutes Consultation time on your chosen topic(s).
  2. A complimentary copy of my new text book which focuses on excelling in Exams and is entitled “How to ACE the Leaving Certificate” for all subjects. I will talk you through this book and show you how to use it to your advantage. View details here:
    (Retailing @ €12.99)
  3. A complimentary copy of one of my ACE Maths Exam Paper Solution Books of your choice  (Junior Higher, Leaving Ordinary or Leaving Higher). I will talk you through this book and show you how to use it in the most efficient way. View details here:
    (Retailing @ €16.99)
  4. Access to my expert follow up support for a month after the date of your session to ensure any requested Information has been provided to you.

If the above is of Interest to you, e-mail me with your initial query to entering ‘Booking Query’ in the Subject Line or message me directly from my Facebook page ACE Solutions Facebook Page

If there is an area you would like Information on as part of your session, not listed above, please put this in your Initial e-mail. For details of over one hundred and fifteen recommendations from Students, Parents and Teachers in relation to my work, click this link:

Consultation References (Click to Open)

Ms. Joanne Harvey (Parent of Transition Year Student)
Mr. & Mrs. Liam Patel (Parents of Fifth Year Student)

Other Reference Samples (Click to Open)

Ms. Amy Smyth (Information & Advocacy Coordinator at Dyslexia Association of Ireland)
Ms. Marie Kinsella (Parent of University Student)
Mr. John McAloon (Manager of McAloon’s Centra Bookshop Navan)

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Other Links of Note(Click to Open)

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  • Consultation Sessions will involve a travel fee should I need to visit your home.
  • If a follow up session is requested, the fee due will be smaller than the Initial fee and will be advised to you prior to rebooking.